Buyer Beware!

This is the knife-sharp, broken SteelWeave mattress-frame of a


after moderate usage over the course of 8 years.

Dangerous Mechanism!

If you have a defective and dangerous Carlyle Convertible Sofa Bed and Carlyle is giving you the runaround,

contact the N.Y. City Department of Consumer Affairs or

the State of New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs


 The problem is that Carlyle Convertible Sofa Beds isn't set-up to repair or service their sofa beds when they break and the owners live or move outside their service area (NY/Tri-State). Although NONE of these out-of-state repair issues were disclosed at the time of sale, Carlyle Sofa Bed CEO, Darren de Matteo used the "blame-the-out-of-state-customers" approach for even buying one of their very pricey sofa beds.

Carlyle reps said they would "try to find someone" in our area who could install one of their Steelweave mattress frames but they did not offer an estimate on the cost of the labor. Additionally, Carlyle offered no warranty on the labor because the installer won't be a Carlyle-trained installer. These open-ended charges did not even include the price of a replacement Steelweave frame being shipped to us. Carlyle initially quoted an amount of more than $800.

AGAIN: None of these out-of-state repair issues were EVER DISCLOSED before, during or after the sale.

This PIECE of a so-called convertible can no longer be used as a spare bed. In fact, the Carlyle Sofa Bed cannot even be safely opened again.

Bottom Line: No warranty on the labor, no warranty on the SteelWeave frame, "sky's-the-limit" on the replacement costs... and the clueless
CEO wonders why this customer says, No Thank You!!


YouTube video of the dangerous Carlyle Sofa Bed being carefully opened. The broken, knife-sharp SteelWeave mechanism
to be fully exposed!

Bad Carlyle Sofabed